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Mar 13 2019
Book: A Song from the Heart: The Pedagogical Philosophy of Lorna Lutz Heyge, PhD

Title:  A Song from the Heart:  The Pedagogical Philosophy of Lorna Lutz Heyge, PhD A Song from the Heart is the story of Musikgarten.  The book includes background on Lorna Heyge's educational and professional journey toward Musikgarten  and a concise history of...

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Jan 25 2018
Hungry Children Update: Donation for Mobile Market

This past summer the Musikgarten Foundation agreed to donate $15 to Guilford Child Development for each summer workshop registration Musikgarten received. With this help, we were able to help supply three months of food for our neighborhood. The line for the...

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Jun 27 2018
Blog Post: HELP! How to manage a class of VERY active Toddlers!

As Musikgarten teachers, we always have to be on our toes, and have lots of tips up our sleeve!!  "Educating" parents and setting up expectations from the beginning will help immensely!  Here are a few quick tips or reminders to...

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