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God’s Children Sing

A wonderful, child-centered celebration of God’s presence, this sacred music and movement curriculum addresses the faith development, as well as the music and general development of young children. Church music for children. Lesson plans for toddlers are divided into two 15-week semesters – God, My Family and Me and God’s Wonderful World. Two 15-week semesters for 3- to 5-year olds are entitled Friends in God’s World and Friends of Jesus.

As in Family Music for Toddlers and The Cycle of Seasons, basic music concepts such as tuneful singing, and a sense of steady beat are addressed through activities that foster family involvement and an appreciation of the natural world surrounding us. Unique to God’s Children Sing is the fact that this is done in a context that nurtures the faith development of children. Through song, stories, playing instruments, movement activities, and moments of worship in each lesson, children grow in their awareness of God’s love for them and for all creation.

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The Creation from God’s Children Sing – Friend’s in God’s World CD

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