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Musikgarten Blog: Music Literacy and the Musikgarten Method

Literacy is often incorrectly defined as simply the ability to read and write. Merriam-Webster  expands on a distinction that is essential for understanding childhood music literacy. This dual definition highlights both the fundamental skills of reading and writing as well as a broader understanding or competence in a particular area of knowledge. The next two articles in this blog series are an abridged version of four Musikgarten articles from January 2021  that focus on piano and instrument instruction using the Musikgarten Method.

The Second Stage of Childhood Development

Many children’s music programs emphasize the early stages of development but often fail to continue progress in the second stage necessary for music literacy. Jean Piaget’s theory of developmental stages includes the Concrete Operational stage, where children, ages 7 to 11, become more aware of external events. While Piaget’s age ranges vary, this article focuses on children aged 6 to 9. Continue Reading...........

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