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Musikgarten Blog: Classroom Management in Early Childhood Music Education

Teachers understand that classroom management is extremely important to providing the best environment for education. Whether virtual or in-person, making sure that each participant has opportunity to learn is one of the biggest challenges for teachers, especially in the children’s classroom. Not only does classroom management make teaching more efficient and effective, it is essential to entice and motivate student learning.  

Classroom Management in Children’s Music Classes

For educators that are teaching in an early childhood music studio, the challenges of classroom management can be unique. Because children’s music instruction often includes physical activity in a group setting, it creates a fertile environment for disruptive behavior. Asking many children to verbalize or speak up in class is a particular challenge for any teacher, but asking a child to sing out loud in front of others can be even more challenging. Below are some classroom management tips and tricks that have been shared by children’s music teachers with decades of experience.

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