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You love music and you love children. Why not combine your passions and start your own Musikgarten studio?

Teach Children Music. You would be building on a strong foundation.

Musikgarten offers the most pedagogically sound program available, covering children birth to age nine—a complete bridge from early childhood to teaching piano lessons. Our children's music lesson plans and curricula are uniquely effective because we have designed learning sequences that repeat and build patterns to continually reinforce and stimulate our students. Students will enjoy their lessons more, and you will be able to retain them for up to nine years. This continuity is as valuable to you as it is to the child. 

As a music teacher, you would be calling the shots.

With Musikgarten, you are your own boss. You decide how much you want to teach, whether you teach in your home or some other space, how long your classes last each week, how large your class size is, and how much revenue you want to generate. It's your music teacher career, custom-tailored by, and for, you.

You will get the support you'll need to succeed.

Musikgarten is ready to help you set up and run your studio. We offer extensive in-person and online training to help you understand how children learn music. You'll have music teacher training, and teacher-training workshops to choose from.  As a Musikgarten teacher, you will also have ongoing business support to help you run a successful music studio.  Musikgarten is beside you every step of the way:

  • Establishing a business plan,
  • Implementing a marketing strategy,
  • Providing wonderful music teacher training and follow-up teaching advice

Put your dream of reaching children through music in motion.

With your desire, hard work, time, and Musikgarten's know-how, you will join countless other music teachers from around the world who successfully instill the love of music in children from their very own Musikgarten studios.

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