About Musikgarten

Our Philosophy

When music and movement are a natural, joyous part of childhood, children benefit greatly in many areas of life.  Language development, self-expression, memory skills, concentration, social interaction, fine motor skills, listening, problem solving, teamwork, goal setting, and coordination are all impacted by early music and movement education.  What's more, as a child learns to play music, other areas of development—creativity, family bonding, self-esteem, confidence, emotional development—are also positively impacted.

Musikgarten's philosophy is steeped in this understanding.  Movement and music activities are perfect for child development.  Music immerses the child in language, evokes movement, stimulates the brain, and fosters physical coordination—all in a group setting that builds community—a truly holistic experience.

We believe that

  • All children are musical.
  • Music meets the needs of children.
  • Music benefits the whole child, must be introduced early, and must involve the family.
  • By using only the highest-quality educational resources and instruments, we can help deepen a child's appreciation for music and the natural world around him/her, building a foundation for life-long music making.
  • Providing an appropriate musical experience and following a carefully sequenced approach to music reading allows a child to participate fully in musical experiences of all kinds.

Our approach to music education is fun for children, parents, and teachers.  As a result of our sequential pathway to music education, children can become independent, thinking musicians.  To foster music literacy, Musikgarten offers a comprehensive early childhood program that spans the first nine years of a child's musical development.  Children love the progression from semester to semester, as patterns and songs are repeated and built upon, addressing students' needs at each level.  The Musikgarten experience culminates in group piano lessons.

Musikgarten teachers are the key to bringing our curricula to children and parents.  Teachers experience the joy and satisfaction of helping children become expressive musicians.  Excellent teachers are important partners for parents in nurturing a child's development in every sense and merit the fullest and best support we can offer them.

We believe that the Musikgarten teacher

  • Deserves in-person training provided by world-class educators. (Each Musikgarten Teacher Trainer has 15+ years of experience in early childhood music education.)
  • Should have freedom and flexibility to use the lesson plans provided or to design their own.
  • Is entitled to comprehensive support from Musikgarten's administrative team, including telephone and online interaction.

For further information about how you can extend the benefits of music and movement to children in your area, contact us.

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