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All Together Now : For Mixed Age Classes

Two 10-week programs, entitled Nimble & Quick and Twist & Turn, are designed to be taught to children of mixed ages. Activities are written for the core age group, ages 1 – 3, with adaptations for babies and extensions for preschoolers provided. The teacher is free to vary the activities according to the makeup of each individual class.

Mixed age classes allow families with limited time to all come to the same class and give families an opportunity to develop a shared repertoire of music and childhood games. Mixed age classes are ideal for new studios since teachers can offer mixed ages until they have sufficient interest to form classes of separate ages.

Nimble & Quick and Twist & Turn are based on nursery rhymes – the beloved poems and chants handed down from generation to generation! Nursery rhymes have the staying power of a lasting art form. They offer today’s children the wisdom of the ages as well as what current research and practice tell us children need: communication, movement, interaction, repetition, and cultural customs – all experienced in a playful way.

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Old Jeremiah from All Together Now! – Twist and Turn CD

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