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In addition to the high quality training you will recieve from Musikgarten's experienced trainers, you will also get a multitude of marketing resources and support to make your studio a success.  

Benefits of the Musikgarten Trademark License

The Musikgarten trademark license promotes the high standards of Musikgarten programs, and offers you instant name recognition as a teacher of outstanding music education for children. It identifies you as a member of an international network of Musikgarten programs and professional music educators, and it entitles you to use our exceptional line of quality family materials and instruments for reduced fees. With the Musikgarten license you qualify for reduced fees for additional Musikgarten training and events and you will have exclusive access to a variety of promotional material.

Musikgarten teachers are eligible to apply for their Musikgarten license after completing training, either in-person workshops or webinar training. For more information on how you can apply for your Musikgarten trademark license, contact us.

The following is a list of just a few of the numerous services and products available to Licensed Musikgarten Music Teachers

Musikgarten Coaching Live (MCL) - Not only will Musikgarten help you be a successful teacher, but we'll help you be a successful business owner as well! Live, online sessions cover such topics as marketing ideas, parent education, budgeting, and much more.

Teacher Locator - With our state of the art web site and Search Engine Optimization efforts, Musikgarten is working hard to bring web visitors to your studio, allowing families to find the local Musikgarten teachers in their area for FREE by simply typing in their zip code.

Social Media, Blog, and eMail Communication - Musikgarten works with todays technology to reach and support our studio owners. Whether its the teacher exclusive Facebook page, our Teachers Blog, or In the Musikgasrten newsletter, we are constantly sharing ideas and information to make our teachers more successful.

Musikgarten Teacher Extranet: Log in for instant access to:

  • Logos and Graphics - With your license, you can download and freely use the Musikgarten logo in its various formats.
  • Promotional DVD - a short DVD featuring Dr. Dee Coulter sharing her beliefs about why Musikgarten is the right choice for families.
  • "The Neuroscience of Music" - 3 sets of 4 articles each, explaining the benefits of Musikgarten music classes for children, written by neuroscience educator, Dr. Dee Coulter.
  • Parent Communiques - Sent to you electronically, these one page flyers are written to explain the progression of the children's music curriculum as it moves from one level to the next, helping with parent education and student retention.
  • Program Flyers - These one-page class descriptions are easily personalized and printed on your at-home printer FREE

Printed Materials - Professionally designed, these materials can be personalized and purchased at special teacher rates:

  • Program Brochures - colorful, glossy, 3-fold brochures designed for specific levels of the childhood music curriculum.
  • Yard Signs - attractive, colorful signs to publicize your music teaching program.
  • Postcards - featuring 5 different colorful designs to catch the attention of current or prospective parents.
  • Banner - to borrow for a community fair or to purchase for your studio, this large vinyl sign features the Musikgarten logo and tagline, "Come for the Fun; Stay for the Education".

Teacher Websites - For those music teachers who want an internet presence without having to spend a lot of time or money to get one, Musikgarten has a provider who will launch and host your very own music teacher website. This website is complete in its design, featuring music class descriptions, a schedule grid, article of interest, etc, but it is easily edited and personalized by anyone who can get around the computer keyboard.

Workshop Audits - allow teachers to attend a previously completed teacher workshop for a greatly reduced fee

Help Line: Call us at 1-800-216-6864 and the phone will always be answered by a competent staff person willing to answer all your questions, take your order and give encouragement. No phone tree that you have to find your way through.

The Festival - an annual event where Musikgarten teachers gather to sing, dance, learn, and celebrate what it means to be a Musikgarten teacher. Although there is a cost to this event and it varies from year to year, it is always very affordable.

Branded Promotional Items - Car window stickers and T-Shirts to help you and your parents promote your studio.

We, at Musikgarten, believe that your business is your own, and we want to help you succeed in starting and growing your music teaching business. By having these products and services available for our Licensed Musikgarten Teachers, we are doing our best to support you in your efforts. We will not market directly to your families, for that is not how we operate. Our success is based on your success, and we believe that by offering you the finest in teacher education, the highest quality music and children's music curricula, and personal business support, together we will both succeed!

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