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Musikgarten Blog: The Importance of Parental Involvement in Children’s Music Education

In the early summer months of May and June, children across the US celebrate their parents on Mother’s and Father’s days. The impact of caregivers in early childhood is immeasurable. Whether it’s a mother, father, grandmother, uncle, stepparent, or foster parent, educators have long known the positive influence that caregiver involvement has on the education and development of children. That is no exception for early childhood music classes, where parental and caregiver participation contributes to a formula for success.

The Impact of Family Involvement in Early Childhood Education  

Researchers for decades have pointed to parental/caregiver involvement as a key success factor across nearly all aspect of early childhood development. This impact has been ranked above many other background influencers such as socioeconomic status or kind of school attended. That degree of importance also extends beyond individual caregivers to include family and community. Continue Reading.......

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