For Teachers

Meet Musikgarten

We make it easy for you to find out more about becoming a Musikgarten teacher! Join us for a free Meet Musikgarten session via your computer, tablet or smart phone. A real life Musikgarten teacher shares their experiences from multiple perspectives:  

  • Musikgarten's Business Model Musikgarten for the Professional Musician
  • Musikgarten as a Home-Based Business 
  • The joys of bringing Musikgarten to not just children, but the entire family
  • The many ways Musikgarten supports its music teachers
  • Teacher training options - the main differences between teacher training webinars and teacher training workshops

Plus the following topics will be addressed:

  • Musikgarten's Curricula – from babies through group piano, we have a full, systematic pathway to music literacy that is conducted in a fun, engaging way that focuses on the whole child.
  • Musikgarten's Business Model for the Professional Musician - Find out how Musikgarten fits the life-style and skill set of the teaching, gigging musician.
  • Musikgarten as a Home-Based Business - Discover what makes Musikgarten attractive to the musical person who is looking to start a home-based business.
  • Musikgarten in a preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten setting.  

Grab a cup of coffee and join the discussion. Questions are encouraged throughout the hour-long session.    

All times are East Coast times. 

List Price: $0.00
License Price: $0.00

  • 4/12/2024; 2pm-3:30pm ET
  • 4/30/2024; 11am-12:30pm ET
  • 5/13/2024; 8pm-9:30pm ET
  • 5/23/2024; 8pm-9:30pm ET
  • 6/5/2024; 8pm-9:30pm ET
  • 6/17/2024; 11am-12:30pm ET
  • 7/1/2024; 11am - 12:30pm ET
  • 7/10/2024; 8pm - 9:30pm ET
  • 7/16/2024; 11am - 12:30pm ET
  • 8/5/2024; 11am - 12:30pm ET
  • 8/21/2024; 8pm - 9:30pm ET
  • 9/5/2024; 11am - 12:30pm ET
  • 9/16/2024; 8pm -9:30pm ET

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