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You are never alone in your journey to becoming a successful Musikgarten music teacher career and business owner. Our comprehensive children's music curricula, insightful training on the art of teaching music, and business support + your hard work and energy = SUCCESS! All the support you need comes from our TEAM approach:


Webinars and workshops provide teacher training on Musikgarten’s movement and music philosophy as well as strategies for successfully connecting children to music. We encourage our teachers to take Musikgarten workshops outside of their current children's music curriculum, such as our Cycle of Seasons class and Music Makers series, to expand their children's music class schedule and reach a wider audience.


“Musikgarten Coaching, Live! webinars teach you the fundamentals of goal and budget setting, starting a teaching studio, classroom management, parent education, and student retention. These sessions are designed to encourage and educate our teachers to reach their fullest potential as instructors and business


Teachers have access to ongoing business support at the corporate and peer levels through one-to-one coaching, e-newsletters, a teachers forum, and our annual Festival. Here, Musikgarten teachers from across the nation convene to sing the songs and dance the dances from all levels of Musikgarten classes, gain insight into new research, share their success stories, and discuss business issues with their peers.


Musikgarten provides a wide array of professional materials formusic teachers to market their businesses with, including colorful brochures, flyers, postcards, signs, a personalized website, and customizable co-op advertising.

Getting Started

Musikgarten supports your decision to become an early childhood music teacher and build your business even before you come to a workshop or webinar. A member of our staff will contact you in advance to discuss your goals, plans and dreams for your own business and music teacher career.

We can help you:

  • Decide on a suitable location if you are interested in establishing a studio.
  • Identify the pros and cons of different types of business setups.
  • Formulate a marketing plan and budget.
  • Identify the training assignments and needed materials you'll want to have prior to attending your music teacher training.

During the training, the presenter will address everything you need to get started, including children's music curricular activities and repertoire, music learning theory, child development, and strategies for starting and growing your business. Class demonstrations and practice teaching sessions are also included for a comprehensive view of the training topic.

Now that you've decided on a career as a Musikgarten early childhood music teacher, you probably have questions about starting your own business. For our Musikgarten teachers, we supply an easy to follow business manual that will help you find the answers. Of course, we will continue to provide the personal support that Musikgarten has become known for, answering any questions you might have along the way.

Ongoing Support

As a new business owner, you'll be in charge of every aspect of your business - from how many classes to offer to what to charge for each class. But you're not alone - we'll be with you every step of the way as you begin business planning in advance of teaching your first student right through to evaluating how things are going once you're business is up and running.

  • What kind of children's music program to provide
  • Running a private studio or being part of an organization
  • Running the business out of your home or renting separate space
  • When to schedule music classes, and how many music classes to offer each day
  • How much to charge for each session
  • What materials are needed for the family
  • What kind of income should be expected in the first year as a music teacher
  • How to get students
  • The kinds of tools offered to help assist with marketing
  • Necessary licensing and administration for running a Musikgarten business

Our support continues after the teacher training with follow-up communications to answer questions or to help you with other needs you may have as you begin to implement your business plan. And as a newly-trained Musikgarten music teacher, you will receive Seeds for Growth, a monthly newsletter written specifically for new licensees. E-newsletters are also available on other topics as you progress in your business.

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