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Our Early Childhood Music Classes

Find out why Musikgarten has no equal in early childhood music education.

Simply put, children love music. Music touches all spheres of child development: language and literacy development, pattern recognition skills—the basis for mathematical learning, and social and emotional growth; all are positively impacted by being involved in music.

By focusing their natural inclination, Musikgarten helps young children develop a love of music and the skills to play it through a series of activity-filled, age-appropriate lessons. Your child isn't too young to start learning the Musikgarten way. In fact, Musikgarten has music classes for babies, music classes for toddlers, and a variety of music classes for preschoolers. Wouldn't you want your child to have the Musikgarten advantage?

We invite you to learn more about our early childhood music classes:

Other early childhood music courses are also available, including God's Children Sing, Music Keys for Preschools, All Together Now, and summer music classes.

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