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Why Musikgarten

Musikgarten is not like any other childhood music program because we know what it takes to make children and teachers successful:

  • Our early childhood music teacher program is expertly planned, executed, and supported.
  • Our teachers enjoy their students and their studios.
  • Our parents marvel at the progress of their children.
  • And our students, well, they just seem to love coming to Musikgarten!

Follow Your Passion, while Balancing Family and Career - If you love music, children, or teaching, Musikgarten is your opportunity to command your own career. We offer the training you need to be successful at running your own business, but also provide the flexibility to balance your life.

Starting a Musikgarten Studio doesn't "Break the Bank." We understand that small businesses don't have a lot to invest right away.

  • Compared to other childhood music programs out there, Musikgarten offers lower start up costs, because we want our partnership to grow as your business grows.
  • All of our products and training are reasonably priced, making them accessible and affordable for everyone.

We are a trailblazer of early childhood music education in the United States - Musikgarten grew from one of the first childhood music programs in the USA, and over forty years later, its basic principles are still imitated in early childhood music curricula across the country.

Aural Emphasis - We emphasize active, thoughtful participation, not entertainment. We emphasize movement, not visual stimulation. Musikgarten is unique in these respects. Research documents that kids today are over-stimulated visually and need purposeful movement and music training now more than ever.

Comprehensive Pedagogy - The Musikgarten program is unique in that it covers children from birth to age nine - a complete bridge from early childhood to teaching piano lessons. Children that start from infancy grow increasingly interested and committed to the program for up to 9 years, ensuring a continuity in students for your studio.

It's Your Studio. You Call the Shots. - Musikgarten wants to be your partner, not your boss. While we support your studio with student leads and excellent business tools, our flexible program enables you to make the decisions that affect how your business is run.

  • Our tangible, printed children's music lesson plans are well-designed, time tested, and easy to follow. 
  • Unlike other programs out there, Musikgarten doesn't require you to share your student lists.

Real Training and Support from Real, Successful Mentors - Whether its Small Business Marketing training, or Curriculum training, our experienced mentors have proven track records of success. Most of our music teacher trainers have had their own successful studios for over a decade.

  • Musikgarten resources reflect the latest research in early childhood development to bring a complete and holistic approach to teaching children music.
  • Our Business Advantage Program (BAP), including telephone and on-line support, is always available to you and continually improving.

Environment - At Musikgarten, we include nature as part of our classroom. We believe in the benefits of teaching children to value and respect our natural environment. Even our products and packaging are environmentally conscious.

Its easy to start right away! Sign up for our convenient, no cost or obligation Meet Musikgarten Webinar to find out more. 

Is Musikgarten right for you?

Thinking about becoming a Musikgarten early childhood music teacher? Answer these three simple questions to help you decide...

Are you musically inclined?

Even if you don't have a degree in music, you may be suited to become a Musikgarten music teacher if you enjoy music, can sing tunefully, and have a sense of rhythm. This is all you need to begin teaching in the younger children's curricula from babies to age 7. If your goal is to teach older children piano in courses provided by Musikgarten, you will also need piano keyboard experience.

Are you interested in teaching music to young children?

Musikgarten's primary focus is to understand children while teaching music. If you are curious about children's development, behaviors, and individual creative spirits, then Musikgarten can show you how to make a valuable and lasting connection through music and movement.

Would you like to be your own boss?

If flexibility and freedom in your career appeals to you, our business support team can help you achieve your own personal and professional goals. Musikgarten provides one-on-one help from live office staff, accessible teacher advisors, and experienced teacher trainers through every step of your music teaching career.

With Musikgarten, you can begin your own music teaching business in your town or area this year. The start-up costs are reasonable, and the training is outstanding. It all starts by contacting us or signing up for Meet Musikgarten webinar to see what we're all about.

Meet Musikgarten Webinar Teaching Children Music

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