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Musikgarten Blog: Leveraging the New School year for Your Music Studio

With late Summer and early Fall comes a return to school for children, and during that time parents are starting to organize their new schedules. Unlike the Summer months, where both student families and music teachers alike have vacations and travel, the school year creates a more consistent and expected routine. This time of mental scheduling and organization presents an opportunity for children’s music studio owners to re-establish connections with students, while prospecting new students as well.

Reaching out to Present Music Student Parents

This may seem like a no-brainer, but as music studio owners prepare their classrooms and curriculum for new fall classes, they sometimes overlook the “low hanging fruit.” The school year is a time of transition for children and parents alike, when they both weigh what commitments they want to make and what they want to leave behind. As children grow, parents want to give them more and more power to make decisions over their lives.

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