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Introduction for Parents

Give your child a world of possibilities.

From the moment they are born, you feel an overwhelming urge to give your children the world. Then life gets in the way. There are time and financial constraints, social pressures, and conflicting advice. How do you give your children the most beneficial experience within the constraints of modern life? Easy. You do it through music.

Studies from around the globe have shown that from a very early age music lessons can have profound long-term effects that include improved language development, higher standardized test scores in math, improved graduation rates, and even decreased likelihood of drug and alcohol use.

What Musikgarten offers is more than just an easy way to introduce your child to music. Our classes can play a critical role in your child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development, as well as laying a pathway to musical proficiency. Moreover, Musikgarten provides dedicated time each week when you can bond with your child—free from distractions—and watch him/her grow into a confident, independent, and expressive young person.

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