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Our daughter has been in Musikgarten for almost two years, and it has given her a genuine love of music. Kelsey lines up her stuffed animals at home, gives them each an instrument, and pretends to be the music teacher. She says, “Let’s play Beethoven!” 

Musikgarten Parent

Musikgarten classes have affected my daughter Savannah’s life in so many other ways. She has always been very hesitant to stray too far from Mommy, but after almost two years of classes, she is the first to jump up, sing, and dance. 

Musikgarten Parent

At age 6, my daughter, Susanna, began Musikgarten’s Music Makers at the Keyboard. Over the next four years, our eyes and ears were opened to the mysteries of making music. Before I knew it, she was playing little tunes with chords and moving them around to different keys. Armed with three chords and well known melodies, Susanna learned to play all the songs we sing in her children’s church. Now, she has a real ministry to the other children each Sunday morning.

Musikgarten Parent

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