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Musikgarten Foundation - Music Based Learning

Music-Based Learning

A Mentoring Program for Preschool and Kindergarten

The Musikgarten Foundation Program: 

  • is a practical music education training – a repertoire of carefully selected music and movement activities which are aligned with the standards of accrediting agencies (e.g. Headstart, GOLD).
  • offers every child a holistic developmental approach with a focus on language development, motor control and social/emotional development using music as a method, including songs, dances, games, and instruments.
  • is a sustainable program that enables all teachers and teacher assistants to further develop and strengthen their skills to include music as a part of their normal day’s activities.

The Musikgarten Foundation finances: 

  • The training of a staff member* to become the mentor for all further members of staff (Year one: 6 individual training days, 4 in-house coaching visits from the Foundation Mentor).
  • The organization and implementation of a structured program over 2 years with continuous training and individual support.
  • Lesson and Activity Books complete with 2 recordings for each staff person.
  • Simple instruments for each child (and staff person) in the school (rhythm sticks, jingle stick, scarf)
  • Participation in the kick-off seminar for the director and mentor. (Conference fee, accommodation if necessary, materials, meals, travel to and from the destination).

*Depending on the size of the preschool or kindergarten, training of 1-2 mentors.

For information contact us at musikgartenfoundation@musikgarten.org

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Musikgarten Foundation

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