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Continuing education

To help you hone your skills as a Musikgarten teacher, we encourage you to further your music taching career in the following ways:
  • Attend our festival and free your mind, body, and spirit! Every other year, Musikgarten holds a special festival for teachers in a tranquil setting for an inspiring combination of instruction and interaction. Get re-energized as you make music, hone your music teaching skills, share business ideas, and brainstorm with other Musikgarten teachers.
  • Audit workshops you've previously taken. Now that you are familiar with the repertoire, come back to the workshop and experience it on a much deeper level. Call Musikgarten at 1-800-216-6864 to register.
  • Take a new workshop to add to your level of teaching music to children. It can be gratifying to take your students to the next step, adding to their musical growth and enjoyment.

Coaching Live

Musikgarten Coaching Live! is another way Musikgarten supports its music teachers. To participate, you need a headset, a computer, and a desire to be part of dialogue among teachers and the session leader, either as a contributor or simply as a listener! The goal of this initiative is to help teachers grow, both in their understanding of the children's music curricula and their ability to apply it, which hopefully will result in better teaching, classroom management strategies, more effective parent education, higher enrollment and a better student retention rate. Musikgarten Coaching Live! sessions are 1 hour.

Those wishing to be part of one of these discussions should contact Denise at the Musikgarten office. We will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible! Denise can be reached by calling 1-800-216-6864 or by emailing her at