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Why Is Focused Listening So Important?

Of all the senses listening is perhaps the most important and least appreciated. Musikgarten's curriculum recognizes the significance of listening and its' vital importance to every aspect of learning- physical, social emotional and intellectual. As brain science educator Dr. Dee Coulter states, “They (the ears) actually have two channels, a primary one devoted to handling balance and movement, and a secondary one that is devoted to listening. The ears must learn to combine these two channels.”

Beginning in the Musikgarten Toddler class, there is a focused listening activity in every lesson.  This session will discuss how the Listening Activities "work" in the lesson, and how it develops in the curriculum up to the Keyboard Class." Plus how learning to listen will affect school readiness and why the Musikgarten family materials are extremely important.

Join Musikgarten Teacher Trainer Lianne Brewer for this fun and insightful session.

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