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Teaching Techniques with Dr. Lorna Heyge

NOTE: The Jan. 27th session is Full. If you wish to attend a future Teaching Techniques session with Dr. Heyge, please email

Teaching the Musikgarten curricula is a practiced process. We learn the basics, rehearse them and begin to implement them in the classroom. We observe and evaluate our successes and failures and then work to improve, always trying to learn from our experiences.

Join Dr. Lorna Heyge, founder and CEO of Musikgarten, as she guides you through some of her tried and true techniques.  During a lifetime of teaching young children – always cognizant of also working with parents and teachers – she has developed a uniquely effective teaching style.  She still works to “boil it down to the essence”, to express in practical terms how to share this wisdom.  Enhance your teaching and the child/parent experience with some new/old techniques – developed in the practice of teaching for practical application.

This session includes:

  • Wisdom from the founder of Musikgarten, Dr. Lorna Heyge
  • Teaching strategies focusing on Babies and Toddlers, with references to applications in Musikgarten’s older age groups
  • Five instructional teaching videos featuring Dr. Heyge

Perfect for newly trained, moderately experienced and highly experienced teachers! This will be an exciting and rare opportunity to learn from Dr. Lorna Heyge that you will not want to miss.

List Price: $150.00
License Price: $125.00

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