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Each Musikgarten music teacher workshop is designed to give participants an active demonstration of a specific music curriculum, and is led by a dynamic, experienced early childhood music teacher.

In every teacher workshop you attend, you will experience:

  • in person training by a master teacher trainer
  • multiple demonstration music classes with children (and parents)
  • practice teaching children music
  • business training
  • active music making
  • the process of teaching music and developing activities
  • discussions about parent education

Visit any of the following Workshop pages for more information:

Once you have signed up for a teacher training workshop, you will be contacted by our staff person in charge of Teachers' Services. The purpose of the phone call is to find out what you are hoping to accomplish upon completing the teacher workshop. If you are planning to start an early-childhood music teaching studio, she might talk to you about possible studio locations or names for your new business. If you already have those things settled she might talk to you about your marketing plans or put you in touch with the staff person in charge of licensing. Whatever your needs are, a Musikgarten staff person will be assigned with the task of getting in touch with you and helping you to make your hopes become a reality. Additionally, any concerns or questions that can't be dealt with prior to the workshop are passed on to your teacher trainer, so she can address your questions during the workshop.

Contact us for more information or to register for a workshop.