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Music Makers: At Home in the World

This 17-hour workshop is for anyone interested in teaching children age four and above. In addition to discussions on child development, how children learn music, and demonstration classes, this workshop will also cover program planning to help teachers turn their newly-found knowledge into viable businesses.

The 4-year old child is now ready for sequential learning. In the first 30 lessons, Music Makers: At Home in the World, you will build on a base of sensorial experiences to:

  • Draw the child in, starting with a familiar setting - My Home Place - and move to different, less familiar habitats - The Woodlands, The Cattail Marsh, and The Meadow.
  • Discover together all of the "critters" that live in these settings, explore their sounds and the way they move. You will hear them first in isolation and then in the context of their environment.
  • Nurture the children's tonal and rhythm aptitudes by singing, moving, and dancing to music that is about the inhabitants - Hop Old Squirrel, Here Comes a Bluebird, Grasshoppers Three - all while gaining more control of the body and singing voice.
  • Start looking at familiar tonal and rhythm patterns in notation.
  • Play instruments, often using them to create ensembles to accompany the singing of favorite songs.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Music Makers: At Home in the World Teacher Guide; special price to workshop participants: $54. (Material is included in Workshop fee. If you already own the required materials, please call 800-216-6864 or email to register.)

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List Price: $319.00
License Price: $295.00

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