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Musikgarten Piano: Group or Partners

In this 17-hour workshop, teachers of children ages six to nine learn meaningful ways to capitalize on the children's love of the group setting. By relating piano learning to singing and movement activities, you continue to nurture the child-musician while satisfying his desire to play an instrument. As a workshop participant, you will learn how to:

• Teach music reading following a carefully sequenced plan that results in a deep understanding of music notation.
• Engage the children in singing and moving activities which help tune the voice and refine the body to become a rhythmic, graceful instrument through which they can express music at the piano – all the while helping to internalize the songs which will become their playing repertoire.
• Build on the songs the children have come to love.
• Teach keyboard skills that facilitate playing these beloved songs on the instrument.
• Learn to adapt the Group Format to Partner Lessons using Piano Partners curriculum.

In this comprehensive musicianship program, the children are introduced to classical composers and their music, first through listening, drumming and dancing repertoire, and later in pieces learned on the piano.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: The Materials Special, a required purchase for this workshop, is everything you will need to start teaching: Teacher Guide, cards and binder; Children's Book One,  with a Listening CD, Practice CD, and eight Notation Games, Keyboard Parent Book, and Piano Partners Teacher Guide 1 (digital copy), $110 (Material is included in Workshop fee. If you already own the required materials, please call 800-216-6864 or email to register.)

Registration Fee: A $50 Registration fee will be added to the tuition cost in the Cart.

Pricing for Musikgarten Licensee Totals:

  • Musikgarten Licensee Tuition: $195.00
  • Registration Fee: $50.00 (added in the Cart section)
  • Required Materials: $110.00

Total: $355.00


Pricing for List Price Totals:

  • List Price Tuition: $215.00
  • Registration Fee: $50.00 (added in the Cart section)
  • Required Materials: $110.00

Total: $375.00

If you are a full time student, click here for special student pricing.

Workshop Training Policies

List Price: $325.00
License Price: $305.00

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