For Teachers

Piano Partners Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to make your students into comprehensive musicians! Muskgarten first introduced this through our revolutionary Music Makers: At the Keyboard group piano method and now we have introduced this method for piano partner lessons. Plus your teaching materials are included in the workshop fee!

How does Piano Partners Work?

For the Students.....

  • Taking piano lessons with a partner is a FUN way for children to learn.
  • Their "piano partner" provides motivation, modeling, and joy as the two children progress together.
  • A Practice CD supports their learning and  practice at home; a Listening CD provides a variety of musical styles, composers, classic melodies, and repertoire.
  • Aural Games lay the foundation for note-reading. Notation Games make note-reading fun and easy.

For the Teacher.....

  • You have almost everything to get started: a studio, a piano, knowledge, and experience.
  • All you need is a Piano Partners Teachers Guide: a book with clear, well-planned lessons, introducing concepts through songs, movement, note-reading games, and repertoire.
  • Each lesson is structured but flexible enough to accommadate your personal teaching style and the individual learning pace of each partner.

Materials Included

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 Group Piano and Piano Partner Summer Workshops

List Price: $160.00
License Price: $160.00

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