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Cycle of Seasons

In this 17-hour, two-and-one-half day workshop, those interested in teaching three to five year olds in a parent/child setting will come to a new understanding of the preschool child - learning how he is developing both physically and mentally, what he needs to facilitate that development, and effective ways to connect with him. In addition to learning repertoire there will be live demonstration classes with parents and children for the participants to observe.

Considered a sound introduction to the conceptual curricula, The Cycle of Seasons draws its central themes from nature and aims to bring the whole family into music and movement using an environmental experience of story-telling, sensory games, call and respond songs, and other vehicles. Through interactive instruction, we'll cover how children learn music, how children develop, how to work with parents, and how to establish a new business or grow an existing one. By the end of the workshop, you'll know how to:

Engage children in singing and movement, which nurtures their tonal and rhythm aptitudes
Tell stories that allow you to tap into the child’s imagination, encouraging creative development and good listening skills. Stories also provide opportunities for lots of vocal and movement exploration.

Continue to work with tonal and rhythm patterns; the children will now echo with increased accuracy - a pre-requisite for effective music reading.

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List Price: $265.00
License Price: $245.00

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