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Group Piano: Music Makers: At the Keyboard - Book 2

This webinar expands on the concepts taught in the Music Makers: at the Keyboard Book 1 webinar. In this webinar you will:

  • Continue learning the concepts presented in Book 1, including singing, drumming, dancing, and composing.
  • Work with the new aural/ear pieces, sight-reading repertoire, and Children’s Book 2.
  • Explore moving beyond the 5-finger pieces to a 6th and the octave, including an emphasis on playing with both hands and harmonizing melodies.
  • Learn how to introduce dictation and the new notation games - minor, more triple rhythms, half notes and sixteenth notes.

6-Hour Webinar: This webinar is divided into 2, 3-hour sessions

Prerequisite: Music Makers Keyboard Book 1 webinar. Anyone who has completed Music Makers: At the Keyboard 34 hour in-person training can audit this course.

Includes: Child Book 2 and 2 CDs (KFCBOOK2)

Registrations taken after one week before a webinar will incur a shipping charge to insure your materials will arrive before the beginning of the webinar.

Refesher: If you are certified in Music Makers: at the Keyboard you can attend this webinar as a Refresher. Cost: $95; does not include material. Call 800-216-6864 to register and for availability.

Webinar Training Policies

List Price: $145.00
License Price: $145.00

  • 10/4 and 10/6/2022; 10:00am - 1:00pm EDT

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