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Group Piano: Music Makers: At the Keyboard - Book 1

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Musikgarten’s group piano method for young beginners, Music Makers: at the Keyboard,  features a variety of activities which lay the foundation for keyboard success. The program features an aural approach to music learning, building on folk songs children have come to love. This provides a natural pathway to reading music while building a much-loved piano repertoire. 

In this live and real-time webinar, teachers learn meaningful ways to capitalize on the children's love of the group setting. By relating piano learning to singing and movement activities, you continue to nurture the child-musician while satisfying his desire to play an instrument. The following topics will be covered:

  • Taking an Aural Approach to Piano Playing and Note Reading
  • The progression from singing & moving to playing to writing and reading
  • The Singing Circle
  • Keyboard Geography, warm-ups, and song process
  • Playing songs in a 5-finger position
  • Extending beyond 5-finger position and playing scales
  • Singing and playing in Major and minor keys
  • Playing songs in multiple keys
  • Playing a I, IV, and V7 chords in major and minor keys
  • Harmonizing simple folk songs
  • Drumming Activities in duple and triple rhythm
  • Using Notation Games: Duple and triple games, plus melodic and harmony games
  • Analyzing Song Form
  • Reading Mystery Songs
  • Using Notation Games in Composition Activities 

In this comprehensive musicianship program, the children are introduced to classical composers and their music, first through listening, drumming and dancing repertoire, and later in pieces learned on the piano.

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  • 9 hours of live, real-time training
  • personal business and teaching mentoring
  • Keyboard Year 1 Teacher Guide
  • 1 Student Book, notation games and recordings
  • 1 Keyboard Parent Book

Everything you need!

Upon completion of this webinar you will be eligible to take an additional 6-hour webinar on Book 2 to complete your Music Makers: At the Keyboard certification.

This webinar is divided into 3 three-hour sessions.

Registrations taken after one week before a webinar will incur a shipping charge to guarantee your materials will arrive before the beginning of your webinar.

Refesher: If you are certified in Music Makers: at the Keyboard you can attend this webinar as a Refresher. Cost: $95; does not include material. Call 800-216-6864 to register and for availability.

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