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Group Piano

Music Makers: At the Keyboard (Group Piano Teaching, from age 6)

This three-year piano teaching method for groups of young beginners features a variety of activities which lay the foundation for keyboard success. The program features an aural approach to music learning and teaching piano, building on songs children have come to love. This provides a natural pathway to reading music while building a much-loved piano repertoire.

As the piano teacher, you will challenge students to play the song repertoire, develop keyboard technique, improve their aural skills, learn to compose and improvise, and become fluent music readers. In developing comprehensive musicianship at the keyboard, the children are building self discipline and cooperation, learning to multi-track and concentrate which will help them in other areas of study.

If this is the piano taching course you want to teach and you have keyboard experience, contact us today to get started.

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Rondo from Music Makers: At the Keyboard – Listening CD 6