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Group Piano: Music Makers: At the Keyboard - Book 3

6-Hour Webinar

If you are teaching Music Makers: At the Keyboard (MMKB) this spring, sign up for the Book 3 webinar now!  We will closely examine the differences between the first and second year of MMKB, as well as work our way through the semester week by week.  Here is what we will cover and what you will learn:

  • Look at the complete development of both the Technique and Improvisation strands that first appear in Year 2.
  • Go through each of the Technique and Improvisation exercises included in Book 3. 
  • Learn to dance to “Hi-Lan’ Dey” and “When the Saints Go Marching In” and practice the drumming pieces.
  • Learn how to lead the children through harmonic analysis of a simple piano sonatina by Jacob Schmidt and then a more complex Chopin excerpt.
  • Go through the many uses of the new triple rhythm notation games and review the duple dotted rhythm cards.
  • Look at all of the playing repertoire - both reading pieces and pieces played by ear - and discuss the learning process including the new hand positions required to play the pieces. 

Tuition Fee: $120.00

Required Materials: Music Makers: at the Keyboard Teacher Guide 2 and Childbook 3 (KFCBOOK3). Special Price for webinar participants for the set - $84.99; regularly $121 license price.  The required materials have been added to the tuition fee. If you already own the required materials, you do not need to re-purchase - please call 800-216-6864 to register.

6-Hour Webinar: This webinar is divided into 2, 3-hour sessions

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List Price: $204.99
License Price: $204.99

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