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Drumming, Dancing, Writing and Reading

Our Music Makers curricula, At Home; Around the World, and At the Keyboard are always full of challenges, because every group of children is different! Do you ever say to yourself:

  • How do you do the Hoop Dance?  I can’t make it work.
  • Mr. Banjo is just too complicated!
  • The lesson plans say “Continue working with the Notation Games.”  How do you keep it interesting?

You will be sure to learn something new in this 3-hour webinar devoted to some of the more challenging dances and drumming sequences, as well as a focus on the process of presenting Notation Games and ways to expand upon them.  Finally, we will touch on the process of composing with Notation Games, beginning with At Home and progressing through At the Keyboard, as well as an efficient way to complete dictation assignments.



Cost: $75

List Price: $75.00
License Price: $75.00

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