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Webinar: The Neuroscience of Music

The Neuroscience of Music 3-hour Webinar

Parent education ranks as one of the greatest challenges we face in early childhood music education. It is difficult enough to run a class successfully without the added stress of articulating the value of all that is going on! 

Join Dr. Lorna Heyge as she guides you through some practical applications of specific points taken from Musikgarten's Neuroscience of Music: Partnering with Parents collection written by brain science educator Dr. Dee Coulter, using activities from Family Music for Toddlers and The Cycle of Seasons.

The Neoroscience of Music Collection consists of 3 sets with 4 articles per set and includes the following topics:
Set 1: Behavior wish list - Please teach my child to:
  • relax and be calm
  • wait
  • have impulse control
  • move with rhythm and grace
 Set 2: School skills wish list - Please prepare my child to:
  • share, take turns, and speak up
  • sit still and listen
  • enjoy practicing
  • get ready to read
  Set 3: Creativity wish list - Please inspire my child to:
  • fall in love with music
  • compose
  • improvise
  • love nature

If you continue to struggle with parent education, then you do not want to miss this 3-hour webinar.

Cost $75
Includes: Complete Neuroscience of Music Collection

List Price: $75.00
License Price: $75.00

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