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Group Piano: Year 3

This webinar is a must for anyone planning to teach Year 3 of Music Makers: At the Keyboard in the fall.  Book 5 begins with the children playing The Musical Clock, and moving to the Clock Symphony, both compositions by Franz Joseph Haydn.  The aural work continues through Book 6 with increasingly complex folk songs, such as Hey! Let’s Dance Together and Jericho, and the reading repertoire is plentiful including pieces by Haydn, Mozart and Kabalevsky.  Technique development includes 2-handed scales, arpeggios, broken chords, arpeggiated bass lines and Alberti bass, and the children begin including non-harmonic tones in their improvisations culminating in the 12-Bar Blues.  

This webinar will take you through the entire classical and folk repertoire in MMKB 3, giving you advice on how to teach it and tips which will help the children succeed.  We will go step-by-step through all the all of the technique assignments, and improvisation activities will be demonstrated and discussed, particularly their relationship to music literacy.

Required Materials: Music Makers: at the Keyboard Teacher Guide 3 and Childbook 5 (KFCBOOK5) and Childbook 6 (KFCBOOK6). Special Price for webinar participants for the set - $124.99; regularly $179 List price. The special set price has been added into the tuition fee. If you already own the required materials, you do not need to re-purchase - please call 800-216-6864 to register.

List Price: $249.99
License Price: $249.99

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