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Group Piano: Year 2

This webinar is a must for anyone planning to teach Year 2 of Music Makers: At the Keyboard.  Year 2 features many more reading pieces, as well as 8 Supplemental Reading Pieces.  The importance of aural work is recognized and it continues with the inclusion of 8 folksongs the children are challenged to learn by ear.  Additionally, Year 2 focuses on harmony with harmonic analysis exercises, writing pages for chord tones, and learning to aurally identify and play chord progressions.  

Improvisation Activities and Technique Exercises are part of every lesson and the development of both of these will be fully explained and experienced in this webinar.  Other than the focus on these two specific elements, each lesson will be examined and the new activities (notation games, drumming, dancing, how to approach the reading pieces) will be demonstrated or explained.

This is a 9 hour, live, real-time webinar conducted over three (3) days: 2/23, 3/23, and 4/27/2021.

Required Materials: Music Makers: at the Keyboard Teacher Guide 2 and Childbook 3 (KFCBOOK3) and Childbook 4 (KFCBOOK4). Special Price for webinar participants for the set - $124.99; regularly $179 List price. The special set price has been added into the tuition fee. If you already own the required materials, you do not need to re-purchase - please call (800) 216-6864 to register by paying the tuition fee of $175.00.

List Price: $299.99
License Price: $299.99

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