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Group Piano: Music Makers: At the Keyboard - Book 6

Book 6 is probably the most fun and most challenging to teach.

The aural work continues through Book 6 with increasingly complex folk songs, such as Hey! Let’s Dance Together and Jericho, and the reading repertoire is plentiful including pieces by Haydn, Mozart and Kabalevsky. Technique development includes 2-handed scales, arpeggios, broken chords, arpeggiated bass lines and Alberti bass, and the children begin including non-harmonic tones in their improvisations culminating in the 12-Bar Blues.  

In this webinar we will go step-by-step through all of the technique assignments, and improvisation activities will be demonstrated and discussed, particularly their relationship to music literacy.

Teacher Guide Year 3 and Children's Book 6 are required but are not included in the tuition fee. Go to the Shop to order the materials or call 800.216.6864.

List Price: $140.00
License Price: $120.00

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