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Musikgarten Scholarship Program - Teacher Application Form

Welcome to the Teacher Application form for the Musikgarten Scholarship Program. This program is strictly for currently Licensed Musikgarten Teachers. All Musikgarten License policies apply. Please fill out all the information below. Click here if you prefer to fill out the PDF application.

By submitting this application the teacher agrees to:

  • Teach the student in the same manner to other students in the class, with same requirements and opportunities.
  • Keep scholarship status of the family confidential.
  • Keep family abreast of the students progress in the class.

Consent to Participate

I consent to participate in the Musikgarten Scholarship Program. I will use only the Musikgarten curricula while teaching this family. I understand that Msuikgarten assumes no legal responsibility for claims arising from this instruction, and agree to hold harmless Musikgarten from all legal claims arising in connection with such instruction.

Please enter a Teacher Name
Please enter a Street Address
Please enter a City
Please enter a State
Please enter a Zip/Postal Code
Please enter a Phone
Please enter a Email
Please enter a Student Name
Please enter a Semester Tuition Cost
Note: This amount must match what is advertised on yuor website and marketing materials. Only Tuition cost, not additional cost of materials, etc. Please supply exact website URL or pricing brochure for verification. Musikgarten will reimburse 75% of the tuition amount only.
Please enter a Family Materials Requested
Note: Only one set fo Family Materials from the Musikgarten Price; examples: FFMD - My Day packet from Family Music for Toddlers, or KFCBOOK1 - Children's Book 1 from Music Makers: at the Keyboard
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