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Musikgarten Scholarship Program

Every child deserves the gift of music

Together, we can make this happen. Musikgarten would like to challenge our Licensed Musikgarten teachers to help us find children in your communities that deserve to make music. We want to help you in this urgent and important effort. The Musikgarten Scholarship Program has been created for minority children and families in our communities that cannot afford the benefits of music and movement classes. Each semester we have ten individual openings for children submitted by our studio owners and parents. This is conducted on a first come first serve basis via a simple application process for both the teacher and family.

For the Licensed Musikgarten Teacher, Musikgarten will pay 75% of your normal semester tuition fee for the student/family.  For the student’s family, we will supply the family materials for the required semester for free.

Please help us bring the gift of music to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

If you have questions on how to take advantage of the Musikgarten Scholarship Program please email us at info@musikgarten.org.

If you are ready to help a child in your community, please follow the links below for both the teacher application and parent application.

Online application:

Or you can download and fill out a PDF application:

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Do you love music and love children? You can become a certified teacher in just a matter of weeks through our online training sessions. Find out how through our no obligation, free Meet Musikgarten Webinar coming up soon!

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