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Hear from other music teachers

The great thing about Musikgarten is that you determine how much time you want to dedicate to turning your passion for music into a thriving children's music teaching business. With our resources and support, your potential is truly unlimited.

In three years, my studio grew from 20 students to 22 classes with over 220 students. This is the rewarding and flexible experience I was looking for! Musikgarten’s high quality curricula, hands on in-person workshops, and live customer support have all contributed to my success. 

Robin Knorr 
Musikgarten Teacher

 I found the Musikgarten training to be more helpful than any college music classes I have taken—especially as far as getting hands-on experience, watching a teacher lead a live class, and getting useful information on how young children develop and learn. 

Ellen Johansen 
Musikgarten Teacher

Even though I’ve been teaching Musikgarten since 1993, the company is always giving me new ideas to use in my Parent Meetings and Parent Education Classes as well as materials that I can share with parents online and in print. Thank you, Musikgarten, for your commitment to new ideas, new energy, new students, and new families! 

Roann Johnson Keen 
Musikgarten Teacher

I love teaching all of the Musikgarten classes. I don’t think I could pick a favorite! From the curricula to the training, materials, and mentoring, nothing is sacrificed in this program. It’s exciting to see the students progressing through Musikgarten classes right into my piano studio. 

Nan Croney 
Musikgarten and Piano Teacher

As a community music school, we value Musikgarten’s seamless curriculum for group programming from birth through beginning piano. It helps us clearly communicate to parents the pathway to music literacy from earlychildhood years into private lessons and retain more families as a result. Our success rate with Musikgarten children is much higher than those who enter private lessons without having had this experience. 

Jan Barlow 
Education Director, Apple Tree Arts