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COVID-19 News and Important Information

The COVID-19 situation continues to present new challenges to all of us on a daily basis. Our first priority must be the health of our teachers, studio owners, employees, and families. To support the national effort “to flatten the curve” we have decided to take measures summarized below. This is a stressful and unsettling time for all of us. Be assured that your efforts to continue making music will help alleviate this stress and bring joy to you, your families and community. Musikgarten will continue to make every effort to help you and your Musikgarten families.

Musikgarten Online Classes

Many of our Licensed Musikgarten studios are now offering Online Music Classes and many more are adding online classes daily. Enter your zip code on the Find a Class in your area. If you can't find a Musikgarten Online class in your area, contact us by email here and we will help you connect with a studio.

Office Hours

Yes, the Musikgarten office is open! We do have condensed hours, but we are to here to answer your questions or process your orders. Go to the Shop to place orders. If you are a Licensed teacher, be sure to log in to your account first to receive your discounts.

Webinar Training

Musikgarten has training that meets the needs of your schedule with our in-person, real-time webinars.

Drop Shipment Options for Materials

Musikgarten is happy to drop ship materials for our Licensed Musikgarten teachers. Read more for specifics.

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Train online to become a Musikgarten teacher

Do you love music and love children? You can become a certified teacher in just a matter of weeks through our online training sessions. Find out how through our no obligation, free Meet Musikgarten Webinar coming up soon!

Hear from a teacher what makes teaching Musikgarten so special.

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