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Thinking about becoming a Musikgarten Teacher? Watch this video to learn more.

Contact Musikgarten  - find out more about summer workshops, webinars, discounts, or to register.

The Musikgarten staff is ready to help you set up and run your business. We offer extensive in-person training to help you understand how children learn music.  As a Musikgarten teacher, you have the ongoing business support to help you run a successful music studio.

With Musikgarten you are your own boss. You decide

  • how much you want to teach - how many levels, how many classes of each level, and how many classes per session.
  • how long classes last each week.
  • where you want to teach - in your home, in your church, or in a commercial space.
  • the class size - whether you enjoy the intimacy of a class of 6 toddlers and parents or the extra volume and energy that often comes with a class of 10!
  • how much money you want to generate from your Musikgarten classes - we have teachers for whom Musikgarten is a part-time endeavor, while we have others who teach Musikgarten full-time. And there are still others who teach as much as they can and have hired other teachers to be able to offer more classes!

It is your business, and you make all the decisions. But you are not left alone in trying to figure out how to start and run your business. Musikgarten is beside you every step of the way:

  • from helping you to figure out which workshop is best for you,
  • to establishing a business plan,
  • to implementing a marketing strategy,
  • and giving you wonderful training and follow-up teaching advice.

With your desire, Musikgarten's know-how, hard work, and time, you will join countless other teachers from around the world who successfully run their very own Musikgarten studios.


Contact Us - Find out more about summer workshops, webinars, discounts, or to register.