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Adult Piano

Musikgarten Adults: Enjoying the Piano Together.

For many adults, playing the piano may be a life-long dream of theirs, and Musikgarten has a curriculum designed to enable you to help adults fulfill that dream as a piano teacher. At Musikgarten we believe that anyone and everyone can enjoy making music in a meaningful way. Through the activities and lesson plans in Musikgarten Adults: Enjoying the Piano Together you will learn how to guide the adults in your group and to help them achieve success.

You and your students will find the group class a fun and enjoyable experience. Previous music experience and perceived talent are not required. Hours of dedicated time and practice are not required. Your students only need a love of music and the desire to make music!

This stress-free piano teaching method offers many benefits to the class beyond the magic of making music with others. Recent scientific studies have established the connection between active music-making and improved physical wellness. The Musikgarten Adults class is a unique opportunity for social interaction, providing much needed creative fitness for the mind and body.

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Listen to a sample from this class!
Jericho from Musikgarten Adults: Enjoying the Piano Together – Student CD 2