Musikgarten Musikgarten
Call 800-216-6864 to register for a free webinar.
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Free Previews

Want to see the Musikgarten advantage for yourself? Come to a free preview where you can:

  • Observe a live demonstration class with children.
  • Peruse the different curricula available to teach.
  • Sing songs, play instruments, and dance with others.
  • Listen to the outstanding Musikgarten recordings.
  • Talk with experienced music educators; ask questions.
  • Understand Musikgarten's advantages for early childhood music teachers.

bulletFree Workshop Preview

Previews are held in major metropolitan areas all over the country. Contact us for more details or call us at 800-216-6864 to register for a free three-hour preview near you. If you already know that Musikgarten is the early childhood music education path for you, you're ready to sign up for one of our popular and effective teacher training workshops.